he found a stick




this isn’t a joke do you know how hard it is for me to have sex lmao

we can say you find yourself in a “tight” situation when it comes to sex yeah


Just adopted this girl, her name is Newt


When the videogame plays the instrumental version of the main theme during an important scene



when you meet someone cool


when that person thinks you’re cool


when you become cool friends with that person


when you do cool stuff together




precumming breaks the silence




Extremely personal piece. Doesn’t really need that much explanation.

*apologies if it turns up pixelated, just click the picture for a full res. view






Attention Florida cosplayers!
This kid is extreme bad news bears. His name is Tristan and this kid may look cute or seem sweet but trust me this guy is the total opposite. He cosplays Dave strider usually wearing goggles and or a cyber mask. This 14 year old stalks and forces himself onto chicks, in and out of conventions. If you see this kid STAY AWAY. He takes girls, gets you to believe he’s loyal and sweet gets you into his bed after “knowing you” for 2 hours or less asks you out before sex, then leaves you and never talks to you again. My friends boyfriend used to be friends with him until he found out that Tristan whipped out his dick on camera to his girlfriend (my friend) and tries to convince her to have sex with him. He then dates my friends friend takes her to a carnival then leaves her alone at the fair to talk to other girls. He thinks women are items, THINGS. Just to put it in and leave. He will randomly send friend requests to women, ask them out on a date even though he doesn’t know them and tries to have sex, even if you say no then leaves. If you DENY SEX WITH HIM HE GOES AROUND CALLING YOU A WHORE SLUT ETC. Please for safety reasons stay away from him. Also the fact he’s 14 years old.

whoa what the fuck?? he was at holmat and was a friend on facebook holy shit. bless this post you have saved my ass

i know this kid, he was at the quadrants day meet we held yesterday, and a couple of other past meets. he has a tendency to get WAY too physical with people who are clearly uncomfortable, and he does a lot of inappropriate shit. He was all over my girlfriend at the meet, and kept pestering her and trying to kiss her on the cheek and hugging her and w/e but it doesnt stop there, he does that to EVERYONE, pretty much regardless of gender. be very wary around this dude, and dont give him an inch because he WILL try to take a mile

This fucking piece of shit.
At the 4/13 meetup last year he walked up to me, pointed at my boobs, and said “those look heavy, can I carry them for you?” And I called him out on it for being an asshole, but everyone said “aww it’s just Tristan, he didn’t mean it that way!” And he proceeded to jump on some girls back for a piggy back ride.
He will approach you and seem really friendly, but it won’t take long for him to become a total douchebag. Don’t trust people who think he’s nice and sweet. He knows he appears that way and uses it to brainwash everyone into thinking he’s a sweetie when he’s really a total creep.